The history and family tradition of Fratelli RAU dates back to 1926. Since then three generations have carried on the story, giving life to a modern company that today boasts the most advanced technologies, while proudly preserving a passion for authenticity and a close bond with their land. A land where the vineyards of Tenuta L’Ariosa are immersed in the unspoilt Sardinian hinterland, where stone and sea meet, accompanied by the sweet song of the breezes that blow softly across Sardinia. Only native cultivars are grown as espalier or bush vines of rare intensity and complexity, in a unique territory where vineyards have always coexisted alongside the Mediterranean scrub, olive groves and fruit trees. An oenological path inspired by the desire to explore the great potential for production of noble wines, employing the best cultivation and winemaking techniques. Low yields per hectare, manual harvesting, and strict monitoring of the grapes characterise the work in the vineyard. This is followed by the winery’s diligence in the subsequent stages of pressing, fermentation and aging during which the rules and time scales dictated by modern technologies and ancient wisdom are followed for each wine. This is the story of our land, this is the story of the Tenuta L’Ariosa estate.

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