Caseificio Murtas cheesemakers was born in the early 1950s thanks to the passion and determination of its founder, Eligio Murtas, now 90 years old and currently continuing his activities alongside the hard work and dedication of his grandchildren (Stefano, Edoardo, Riccardo), to whom he has transmitted the same passion and dedication.

Caseificio Murtas is located on the main road from Silius to San Basilio and Goni. It is about 3 km from the village of Silius on a raised plateau overlooking an original and evocative landscape, characterised by sandstone rocks that seem to play together to create unusual and imaginative forms, and typical Mediterranean vegetation rich in mastic, myrtle and asphodel.

Respectful of tradition and attentive to quality, Caseificio Murtas is specialised in the production and sale of Sardinia’s best-loved cheese: pecorino.

The company, a member of the “Consortium for the Protection of Sardinian Pecorino” caters to the tastes of the most demanding palates and offers its customers a wide range of typical regional specialties, with varying maturities. Among the principal objectives is the aim of supporting the clubs and associations of Sardinia engaged in promoting the traditions and culture of this fascinating and picturesque region throughout Italy and around the world. This is another reason why the company combines the manufacturing processes of its products with a scrupulous selection of the raw material to be used: milk. The milk used is, in fact, collected solely and exclusively from sheep farms in the Gerrei area, where grazing is still wild, in an attempt to promote authentic flavours and preserve the most ancient customs.

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