Over 60 years together.

Our winery proudly disproves the prejudice towards Sardinians inherent in the words attributed to Charles V “pocos, locos y mal unidos”, contradicting this concept with over 60 years of tenacity, growth and innovation.
This philosophy has brought us important accolades such as the “Cangrande medal”, presented by the President of the Republic during the Vinitaly fair, and numerous prizes awarded to our wines at the most important national and international exhibitions.

The modern expression of a thousand-year-old tradition.

During the harvesting month, many people are pleasantly surprised by our methods of harvesting grapes, which is still rigorously done by hand.
650 hectares of cultivated vineyards and approximately 2,00,000 kilos of grapes produced with respect and care for each individual plant. This is what our ancestors transmitted to us, an ability that we have always possessed.

Between the sea and the mountains.

Our tradition, our territory, our history puts us at the centre of what today can finally be called the “classic” Cannonau region: the sprawling valleys, plateaus and terraced slopes located between Supramonte mountain range and the Gulf of Orosei. We live in one of the most renowned areas of Sardinia from a naturalistic and archaeological point of view. In addition, different geological and climatic features are concentrated within a small area, thanks to which we produce unique, high-quality wines.

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