A spectacular mineral water

Its incredible composition, flavour and health-giving properties make San Martino a unique mineral water. A structured set of physical characteristics combine crystalline freshness with the strength of minerals and the vitality of natural effervescence at the source.

San Martino mineral water has a high mineral content, with a balance of minerals that, in addition to making it an excellent table water, can provide significant health benefits.

Thanks to one of the highest contents of natural bicarbonates in the world, San Martino mineral water promotes digestion, leaving a pleasant, light feeling after a meal.

Its fine and persistent effervescence is unmistakable.

San Martino mineral water delights with every sip, stimulating the palate. Its mineral bouquet brings out the best in food: distinctions of flavour are enhanced, aromas exalted, and contrasts between ingredients delineated. Well-rounded and satisfying, San Martino delicately accompanies strong flavours and strengthens lighter ones.

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