Sardinia Destination

Where wild and unspoilt natural landscapes, filled with the scents of Mediterranean scrub, meet rocks sculpted by time that plunge into emerald waters caressed by the sea air.

At the centre of the great “Mare Nostrum”, that Mediterranean Sea that for centuries has conserved thousands of stories of ships and seafarers, sits an island called Sardinia.

Here we welcome our guests as if they were family, we invite them to discover unique culinary adventures and to experience the thousands of itineraries that range endlessly from the coastline to the mountain peaks.

Fine Time Sardinia is a project promoted by Confindustria Centro Nord Sardegna, and by the Chamber of Commerce of Sassari, with the aim of supporting the development of Sardinian businesses through exporting their products abroad and strengthening Sardinia’s presence, as a region, in leading European markets.

Fine Time Sardinia was created in the knowledge that becoming established in a foreign market is a difficult objective for a business acting alone, but one that is completely achievable when we join forces in an association that has the ability to accomplish every goal set, together.

Fine Time Sardinia promotes the Sardinian territory and culture by supporting the two distinct but complementary sectors of excellence in Sardinia: agri-food and tourism.

Fine Time Sardinia

promotes the region of Sardinia and its culture through a thorough understanding of the local context, careful selection of distribution and sales channels, and relevant communication activities to promote products and tourism.


To spend a holiday leaving stress and thoughts at home, you simply need to rely on accommodations that can turn your stay into an unforgettable experience.

Fine Time Sardinia is a guarantee of reliability.


Sardinia, a magical land that boasts a millenary culture; among its thousands of resources, the solid agricultural and food tradition capable of surprising even the most demanding palates.

Sardinia Fine Time is a guarantee of quality.

Six reasons to choose Sardinia

The wild hinterland

A pristine area characterized by a wild nature where mountains, hills, plains, woods, lakes and rivers alternate and where various animal species, now on the brink of extinction, represent another marvel of Sardinia.

The millenary tradition

Sardinia has a culture rich in centuries-old traditions.
The “Sardinian Costume”, with its bright colors and the most varied and original shapes, represents a symbol of belonging to a specific ethnicity characteristic of the territory.

The typical cuisine

The richness of the Sardinian food and wine heritage offers products of excellence that derive from the agro-pastoral and maritime culture of the island.
A kitchen capable of awakening dormant emotions in the wardrobe of memories.

Exclusive history

Among its wonders, Sardinia offers the visitor astonishing historical testimonies: the island is indeed rich in archaeological sites where you can still see the signs of ancient rituals and domestic life with archaic charm.

Adventure sports

Sardinia offers a diversified landscape where the ideal environment is created for the major sporting activities, some of which are difficult to practice elsewhere: diving, surfing, trekking, mountain biking, climbing and caving.

The crystal blue sea

1800 chilometri di costa con calette nascoste, lunghe distese di sabbia e scogliere a strapiombo. Le acque trasparenti custodiscono una natura incontaminata dove straordinarie grotte si addentrano nel cuore dell’isola.